Saturday, 10 January 2009

Project 365 Day 9

Just a quick post to link you up with my photo. It is a hydrangea flower found outside the family bathroom at our house. It eliminates the need for curtains and still allows light and a view, of sorts. It is blooming magnificently at the moment as you can see. I find it to be a wonderful plant. Just change the pH of the soil and you can change the colour of the flowers from the lilacs to pink and white. Personally I am the no care type of gardeners so I just take it as it comes.

As you can see this plant is not suffering from my lack of attention.

Eighth Birthday

As I posted earlier my DD turned eight not so long ago. As I look back at her birthday and prepare DS2 party I think how much she is changing into someone who is more independent and forming her own idea about fashion, friends, and what independence means.

Here is a LO I created with a wonderful kit Coffee Time, just made for the moment, by Debbie McKenzie at Nuts4Digi.

Birthday Parties are an eagerly anticipated time in our house. They mean a party and seeing cousins, a cake made and decorated by me, they mean in general super fun. So I am off to make a jungle cake for DS2 5 party tomorrow. I should have plenty to photograph and scrap. I hope the cake turns out as the picture shows.