Thursday, 29 January 2009

I have been challenged.

I have been challenged by the wonderful Debbie from Nuts4Digi.

This is my challenge

Go to your photo folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of of photos.
Go to the sixth picture.
Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
Invite six friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

So here is my photo. It is not a great one but DD was at Kariotahi beach playing a catching game with her father. I was trying to get the action shot of all action shots.

Now to the 6 friends to challenge which is hard to do so I will be back to link you to them.

Project 365 days 21 to 28

As I have been computerless the last few days I thought that I would just make one long post with all the photos and then move on from then. Naturally I still have computer issues so I will have only a few days before I will no access to the internet again.

Day 21 is a photo of two of my children box carting. It was just so much fun and we spent about an hour going up and down the hill we had found. The boxes we destroyed by the time we were done but there are plans to go again this week. Boxes have been collected in anticipation.

Day 22 is a day of chalk drawings on our driveway. DS1 just loves this activity and the beauty of it is to clean the chalk off you just wait for rain or in our case just wash the car on the spot

Day 23 ...Eggs. These always remind me of the my DS1. He has a medical condition which inhibits his urge to eat. Whenever he thinks that he is hungry he mentions he would like an egg to eat. We cook it up, he eagerly sits at the table peels it and then says he is not hungry and does not like it without ever having taken a bite from it.

Day 24 peace reigns in our house when all the children are asleep. Here is DS1 fast asleep.

Day 25. As we had a stay at home holiday this year DH and I decided that a swing would provided added entertainment in our front yard. We have a massive Liquid Amber Tree and a tyre swing is just the perfect addition to it.

Day 26. There is nothing better than a summer treat. Eating an ice block. The photo says it all.

Day 27. A fun moment with DS2.

Day 28 finally. The Liquid Amber tree in our yard puts on the most magnificent autumn display. While it is not autumn here yet I spied this one fabulously coloured leaf. I wish I had a camera that was more than a point and snap to take a better photo, but I dont so here is my shot.