Thursday, 8 September 2011

An ebook review

Did you know that there is close to 100 days to Christmas.  Personally it is very difficult to get my head around this as spring has only just started.

Anyway I have been reading this ebook 100 days to Christmas.  It is like a way to be planned and stay on top of things when Christmas comes you way.  I am thinking that last minute jobs just might become a thing of the past. 

Now while I am a person that likes to be well planned and organised the reality it does not always happen that way. What with 16 of September making just 100 days untill Christmas...a very scary thought I must say especially as I am in the throws of moving house which seems to be taking forever to achieve.

This ebook was written by Created by Jennifer Tankersley of List Plan-It.  It includes some planning pages to get you started along with some budgeting ideas, what to do if you are into the handmade gifts, planning the baking etc etc.  In fact it seems that no stone it unturned.  Add to that a little inspiration and I must admit I think I might just be hooked into someone else helping with the planning.

It does, for us who live here in the land Down Under (New Zealand), include some planning around some USA holidays which we do not fully embrace but hey nothing like a little insight to what other  parts of the world do at this time of the year.

For me it is worth printing out and even linking to the facebook page.