Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Menu 2 July

I missed posting last week.  Just something had to give and it was my blog.  So now it is school holidays and I am feeling like I have time to pick this back up.

So here is my menu for this week

Monday  hamburgers with salad vegetables

Tuesday  chicken tikka masala on rice with salad

Wednesday  baked falafel with tahini

Thursday  tuna corn and cheese sandwich

Friday  ham, corn and pasta pie

Saturday  cold meat and salad

Sunday  leftovers

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June in Numbers

I can't believe how quickly the month of June has gone.  It has been very eventful and exhausting in our house. 

29 June marked the end of the second school term here in New Zealand.  We are all well ready for a holiday, the staycation variety, and can't wait for a chance to let life just happen.

6 days of hockey out of 9 days was the number of days McKenzie played hockey in her endeavour to be selected for Aucklands under 13 girls hockey team and yes she made the team for which she was very excited about.

8 was the number of days McKenzie was then sick after trialling for the hockey team.  I think she had a cold on top of the end of the school term exhaustion and her body put up a protest. 

Last month we had had 7 days of struggling with the insurance company over the car accident we were involved in.  Now I can report that we have continued all of June, 30 days, without my husbands work car.  Still waiting for it come out of the panel beaters shops.  Hmmmmm

1 is the port a cath that is not working.  1 is also the number of dye tests the port a cath had to have to see if it could be fixed before he has to have surgery.Finally 0 is the number of monthly blood test Hayden had because his port a cath was not working.

( Haydens port a cath is there so blood can be accessed and IV fluids can be administered when he is sick)

70,000 litres is the amount of water the water tanks at our house now have.  Yes the two tanks are full to overflowing.  That is because it has been raining in the last couple of weeks and our tanks collect the water so we have water for everyday use at home.

1 day of fishing for Andre who has decided that him and fishing are just the perfect father and son activity.

64 litres is representative of the amount of milk my family uses in one month.  You would think in New Zealand it would be a cheap comodity but sadly not and $280,96 a lot of money really.

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