Wednesday, 17 August 2011

To Medicate or Not

To be honest as a young primary school teacher I used question the use of medication to modify childrens behaviours. 

On one side of the debate there seems to be those parents who are searching to find a cause for the their childs behaviour and their first choice is to medicate.  Then there seems to be families who luckily have discovered that their child has an allergy or such like that can be managed and helps to improve the undesirable behaviours their child is showing.  Of course there is also the group of people who are very judgemental and think that they know best when it comes to these situations.  Quite simply this vocal group are very keen to condem the choices of others without knowing the full details.

I guess the beauty of the internet is that a wide range of opinions can be found.  Some quiet vigorously expressed and often with little thought to taking the tactful approach.  This gives people who are facing such decisions a wide range of thoughts to consider before making the choice to medicate or not in conjuction with their medical advise.

In our case Hayden is on a wide range of medication for many things.  ADHD medication in one of those things. We tried may different behavioural modification strategies and none worked, not even a little bit.  So Hayden continued to do what seemed like 20 activities a minute and was constantly angry with the world.  We knew that food was not the issue as he takes very little orally (that is where the mickey button comes in handy).  We also have an MRI scan that shows acute brain atrophy.

In all honesty for us it seemed ultimately in Haydens best interest that he be given the best opportunity to learn and be happier.  It really was a no brainer.  Even though it took me 12 months to accept this pathway I know that there has been nothing but positive outcomes for Hayden and naturally with a calmer, more complient and happier child less stress for us.

So here is my little whirlwind immitating ironing with his ever faithful Barney who Hayden tells me loves him.

Wordless Wednesday 17 August

On Monday, a freezing cold day here in Auckland it offically snowed for the first time since 1939.  While the snow at our place did not last here is the best photo showing what we got.  I know that this is not very plentiful but since it was somewhat of a momentous moment here I thought it was worth a show.

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