Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Isn't it odd

I had the oddest phone call today.  Odd in a good way I mean.  Next year a branch of my family, which immigrated to New Zealand from Lebanon over 120years ago, is planning a reunion.  For the first time some keen sole is endeavouring to put together a complete family tree of the two New Zealand branches of the family.  The rest of it is very difficult to find as a lot of the part of the world the information is found in seems to have been in a state of conflict for many decades.

Anyway, I respond dutifully to the email requesting information and the next thing I am talking to an unknown cousin for an hour on the phone.  It was like we had known each other for years. 

Now I have been left with a long list of dates to gather together.  That will teach me for talking way too much.

I wonder if they all have the big noses, curly hair (I cut my curls all off), and olive skin.

Monday Menu 22 March

Finally here is my Menu

Monday  Freezer meal thanks to Mum

Tuesday  easy meal 

Wednesday  Middle Eastern Pizza

Thursday  Salmon and rice patties with salad

Friday   Vegetable Nachos

Saturday  bbq with baked potatos and salad

Sunday leftovers

Nothing especially special.  These are all Weight watchers recipes.  Unfortunately I can not locate them all on line.
Wednesday and Thursday are new meals to us so I hope they go down okay with the children.