Tuesday, 3 January 2012


This year I am giving myself permission to breathe and live life to it's fullest.   I want to dig deep and make my life more whole, not defined by any one thing or person.  You know in my life that one person could easily define who I am.  I want to move on from last year finding the essence of me and now dig deeper.  What will help me achieve this?  Not entirely sure but I am giving myself permission this year to reflect more and do even more.  Define the word family not only by the people but by the memories they create together.  I know one thing for sure that to be able to achieve this I will need to include everyone in my little family but most importantly find time for me to reflect and move forward, even journal about to help the journey.

To help in this endeavour I am joining an Art Caravan.  Who know what my art will look like (I know.... I hear you saying, Tamara an artist....well I think I am a novice artist and thats all that counts.)

I am not sure how this will all mature as the year goes by but I know that I am going to give it my best.