Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday 4 April

McKenzie sheepishly telling me that she was the first one up for her vaccination at school  and yes she passed out as well.  Hmmmm.  Personally I can't even see the sight of the needle.

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March in Numbers

Phew I can't believe that April has just started and I am sitting here writing my summary for March.

158  is the number of roofing nails I helped my DH put into our new woodshed.  It is now full of wood ready for the cold weather to arrive in a month or two.  Of course I should add here that I am somewhat of a cold fish and have to have my house heated to tropical temperature during the winter.

8 is the number of hockey games played pre season by McKenzie.  Watch out when the season starts.

1 is the number of times the ride on mower has been to be repaired.  We need to be working as it is about 3 hours of mowing with a hand mower.

0 is the number of Tuesdays DH has been home this month to help with the hectic taxi service dropping children here there and everywhere.  Lucky for some to be overseas in some exotic destination while I am working hard.

Daylight saving ended and our clocks wound back 1 hour on Saturday 31 March.  Yeah for light as we step out to door to take McKenzie to the bus in the morning and of course for the extra hours sleep we had on Sunday.

(ok so my photo is blurry.  I guess my eyes were still focusing when I took the photo)

The number of incontinence nappies Hayden uses every month is 93.  I just wish  there was a good way to recycle them.  Luckily these nappies are government funded because Hayden has a renal condition which produces a lot of urine.

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