Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday 2 December

The Wordless Wednesday photo

I think that the photo says it all.

The arm

It has been nothing but drama in our for the last 3 weeks, maybe even 4 weeks.  Starting with Hayden in hospital, being burgles and then on Tuesday with DS2 breaking his arm after school.  These things usually happen when DH is away and require and great deal of help from family members.  Thanks to them my other children were all in bed when this when I got home the dishes done and the house tidy.

Anyway back to the lest than dramatic moment when DS2 tripped and broke the two bones in his arm.  Yes just tripped, not pushed or anything dramatic.  He was with my sister at her house just after school.  Thankfully she knew just what to do and we ended up at the local A&E clinic where he was xrayed and given good pain relief before the ride in an ambulance.

Two green stick fractures, one ex rugby player orthopedic pediatric physician, with large biceps,  to put it back into place and the fabulous ED physician to make things run smoothly.  Lets not forget the nurses to make all the wheels keep moving.

All in all broken bone at 3.30pm back home in paster 8.10pm.  Fantastic I say.

So here is the one sad looking little boy the morning after all the drama

4 to 6 weeks of this might become a little tedious I think.