Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Menu 10 October

Mondays menu is here again.  I am linking to I'm an Organising Junkie

Monday  Sausage(from our homekill man), baked potato and mixed vege

Tuesday  Indian coconut beef curry on noodles

Wednesday  wonton soup with stirfry vege

Thursday  bacon and pumpkin pizza with salad

Friday  Freezer meal

Saturday  vegetable samosa on noodles with yoghurt

Sunday  leftovers

Have a fabulous week.

(source photo of bacon and pumkin pizza from here)

The Holiday List

I loved Melissa's idea of making a list of things to do in the holiday.  This is especially so because I am a list sort of girl.  So I thought being the beginning of the holidays I would make a start remembering we have some serious manual labouring to do to the outdoors of the house we have just bought.

  1. Visit the Fan Zone at Queens Wharf, Auckland.  I guess a must do thing as the Rugby World Cup is being held in New Zealand and the finals in Auckland.
  2. Take Hayden for his EDTA kidney function test
  3. Go to the movies
  4. make Toilet Roll Seed Starter
  5. make marmalade
  6. make Rocky Road Bites
  7. send my scrapbooking books off for printing.  Very exciting.
  8. start a photo time capsule
  9. bake with the children home made bread.
  10. make dinner together starting with these homemake pita breads
  11. Go walking in the Hunua Ranges.
  12. make Strawberry Lemonade
  13. take photos for Christmas Card with this template as inspiration.
  14. hire a bin to fill and take all the rubbish away from our new house.  (Ok so the bin was not nearly large enough but one bin is full and one more will need to be hired.
  15. Movie and popcorn afternoon at home.
  16. plant grass in my large needy spot
  17. finish bracing the deck.
  18. pizza garden
Lastly lots of  outside play and fun.