Saturday, 11 September 2010

My word Embrace

I have been plodding away with the word I have adopted this year Embrace.  I blogged about it with some enthusiasm.  Sadly some things have gone by the wayside but others are coming along fine.  Firstly my music library is slowly increasing.  Not all music is straight out of the music to relax to category but mostly is music that I can sit and enjoy or even enjoy while I am exercising. 

Speaking of exercising, something that I have been endeavouring to keep has not happened in the last month.  Sadly I have been working way to much and will be doing so until the end of the term.  Come the holidays though and I will be back into it.  Winter sport will be over and done with so I will have plenty more time.

As I have got tired this term I have got a little lazy with the food thing.  I am promising myself right now that I will be fixing that up for the rest of the term while hanging out for the holidays.

I have also been getting my photo taken more.  Yes that means my face will appear on my blog from time to time and even in scrapbooking pages.  It is a shock to see myself fully covered in the wrinkles, spotty skin and all.  I know though that it will be worth it when looking back from the future.

So in saying that here are two pages with me in them.

I dicovered I am Human After All

and Self Portaitaholic

Finally I am trying to embrace life a little more by expanding that things that we do.  Not necessarily the things that cost money but things that mean more to family life.  I am trying not to let Hayden be too much of an anchor when it comes to such things.