Sunday, 5 January 2014

Carers Fatigue

Carers fatigue is something that really catches up with those of us who care full time for the disabled, at some time or another.  For me at the end of the school term when I am really tired and have been run off my feet. My husbands job makes this more challenging because it takes him away from home overseas, frequently. 

Now don't feel sorry for me.  That is not what I intend you to feel. 

How do I recognise what is happening to me when I have a complete melt down, carers fatigue.    As I sit here and think about these events I acknowledge that they are triggered by a number of things; exhaustion, no time to take time to do something for me, an immense feeling of isolation,  I over eat and grumpy.  I know this list anyone could feel one or more of them.  But when I get to the point of carers fatigue I feel all of these at once. 

While I don't seem to be able to prevent these moments I am trying to do a number of things to help manage them.

  • I have a part time job.  Essential for me, giving me time out of the home environment that causes the melt down moments.
  • I try and exercise.  This one is not always easy so I am trying to come up with a plan for exercise at home in the evening when I am alone with the children and have been working.
  • A more extensive list of baby sitters so my husband and I can go out every now and again.
  • I am working at getting more residential respite care.  Not sure how successful this will be but it is worth having a go.
  • Finally I do art journalling.  This year I was looking at happiness as my focus for this hobby.  So take a look at Octobers pages I have done.  I am going to get them all printed into a book so I can refer to them when I need to.

The credits for these pages can be found here at my Scrapbook Graphics gallery

If you are a carer of someone full time what do you do to look after yourself?