Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Monday Menu10 January

This is a funny week for me to put up a menu.  We are about to go on holiday and I am trying to use up all the vege that I have in the fridge so my apologies because I have no links this week.  Later this week though I will be listing and linking where possible the menu I am thinking of when we go camping.  We wont have electricity just a gas bbq.  Still working on the finer detail for this though

Monday  Lamb steak (hmmmm) baked potato and green salad

Tuesday  Lamb steak with baked potato with frozen vege ( I know we have heaps of aging pototoes so I am working through them.

Wednesday  Wraps with pepers, zucchini and beans in it cooked in a bbq sauce with chilli and cummin.

Thursday  Fritatta

Thats it for this week.  We are off on holiday friday and that requires a whole new approach to meal time.