Sunday, 18 January 2009

Project 365 days 14, 15, 16 ,17 and 18

Gosh it has been so long since I have posted on my blog. No excuses except my PC has spat the dummy and is not working as it should. Consequently it has taken me all this time to work out that while I can occasionally scrap on my pc and use the internet on my DH mac I can be sneaky and save to my external hard drive bog, fingers crossed, images and all on DH mac.

Anyway it has been a busy 5 days.

Day 14 photo is of the tool I need for a project I am doing with the wonderful Nathalie. This is a hybrid project and I am trying to complete these things I dabble in with a little more time so I am not in a hurry and have more time to perfect my skill which when it comes to a pair of scissors is definitely at a beginners.

So Nathalie for you here is my photo. I have even got to the stage where I have created the skeleton of half of my book which is very simple LO due to the scale I am working in 13cm square. Unfortunately I will loose ability to scrap for a few days come wednesday and so I will be trying my best to get them all finish before then, that is in between my pc freezing.

Day 15 is the first day that two of my children have ever been tenting. This really has been the case because for the first part of their life we lived in a county where tenting and snakes, spiders, and the heat just don't go hand in hand. Now we are back in New Zealand and we have been renovating so you can guess where all our disposable income has been going.

Anyway excitement has reigned in our house. A little and old tent from Gran and Grandad was borrowed and up it went in our back yard. The tent had just enough room for two little people to have their stretchers and new sleeping bags. As you can on imagine the two little cherubs in the tent eagerly went to bed, snuggled into their sleeping bags and talked to for the next 3 hours. Little Mr 4 (5 in three days) finally crashed at 9.30pm very late in our house, and little Miss just 8 at about 10.30pm.

This all is really in preparation for DD's two day school camp she has coming up in April. She is a sleep walker when she is under stress and camp would be a trigger for this. Hopefully after the two nights in the tent she wont feel so anxious when April comes around.

Day 16 and another trip to a west coast beach. It was not a perfectly blue sky kind of day but still a warm is not slightly windy day at the beach. The waves were perfect for board riding. My rule is what you take to the beach you need to be able to carry to the sand and back to the car. Here are my two doing just that.

Day 17. For this I thought that I would play with my macro function on the little point and snap camera I have and take a good look at the grass. It has only been just a couple of days since the last mow and a light shower of rain and boom here the grass looks like it needs a mow again. How demanding it is. I wonder too how it is that the bowling clubs and golf clubs get their perfect looking grass. Perhaps I need a green keeper like they do.

Day 18 is a shot, not my best one I have to say at the Big Dig at Orewa. All it really involves is hundreds of people digging in the sand at predetermined places to find little plastic bags and win prizes. I cant say that DS1 and 2 really were enthused about digging in the sand for what.......?

Finally is my LO with week two's photos. I have used the wonderful kit Coffee Time by Digi Illusions found at Nuts4Digi