Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

From my family to you all I wish you the very best for a wonderful and fullfilling New Year.

PS We have all just been enjoying an afternoon of swimming and thus the attire.

Nothing like setting myself a few goals

With 2010 almost over I thought that I would set myself some goals, hopefully achievable.  So without saying here is my list for 2011.  (They are in no particular order)

  • definitely go on regular date nights
  • maintain and fine tune fitness, health and wellbeing
  • increase the number of everyday recipes I can make that the whole family enjoys
  • make a recipe book
  • put the finishing rouches to the last two years of P365 so I can print them out into a hard bound book.
  • Essence is my word for the year.  I fully intend to investige this for me. (Watch for a blog post to come)
  • I know this one is a bit odd but with the challenges our disabled son brings our life we need to work out how to socialise more.  So that is it socialise more
  • read more. 
  • put the fun back in life by creating fun family moments
  • take a trip to oz
  • organise work for 2012...yes I know that is 12 months away but it will take that long to train someone to help with Hayden and then to find a place to work in town.
That it.  What more could I fit in really?