Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Water Tank Part 2

Following on from this post you might have guess that our 30,000 litre water tank in now installed and working.  Of course it has not rained to start filling it.  The new pipe work all done by my Father and DH who have pottered around at this for 2 days.  I have to say that they have done a marvellous job.  It is so neat and tidy. 

So after the first days work no pipe work but we still had water from the older concret tank.  You might as why we need to install a second very large tank.  Well it is very simple Hayden.  Yes we do many things for him and his needs.  He creates one load of washing mainly consistently of bedding on a daily basis.  He needs to use the toilet twice as much as the rest of use and thus flushing, then there is all the water he drinks, the water he plays with etc.  Of course I can not ignore the fact that I will have teenagers in my house soon and the whole idea of a short show will be foreign. 

Here is the tank after the first day.

It is not a good looking tank but it supplies us with all the water we use.  At the moment it is about 3/4 full and summer is just about here.

Then there are my wonderful workers studying the pipe work that was in existence.

Then there it all is.  Lovely looking pipes.  I still have water running, my big hole (yes right there in front where the dirt pile is) just needs a little grass seed tomorrow and some plants to make things look a little more like eye candy. 

 Naturally I still have a few more jobs before we can sit on the deck and enjoy the summer but that will be for another post.