Thursday, 29 March 2012


Life is really too short to be small.  I don't think that there has been a truer statement.  So with a bit of fun and effort to make something digital look like doodling here I go representing this quote.

You can find the credits here.

Ha ha now just to apply it to life and remember the quote everytime I start to feel down.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday 28 March

Just how many hands are needed to screw the numbers into the tree.

Sadly I don't have the photo of them all but it takes 3 children and one adult to attach 3 numbers.  Ha ha

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Do you Believe?

So in my house the little make believe things are hung on to longer.  Mainly because of Hayden and his toddler like belief system.  So when Miss 11 years lost her tooth this weekend we had a conversation like this.

Me   So do you need to put your tooth out for the Tooth Fairy?

Miss 11   (a long pause with a large smile on her face)

Me  So do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Miss 11  Ofcourse the tooth fairy brings money.

And with that she rushed off to the kitchen to get the cup to put her tooth in.

The tooth fairy arrived before bed time and of course nothing more was said about the Tooth Fairy being real or not.

Oh yes you will note that Miss 11 is going to need dental work which is supposed to be starting later this year.  She has no fillings but realignment is necessary.

Monday Menu 26 March

Two weeks til the end of the school term here and I can't wait.  Thank goodness for my menu as it is temporarily keeping my sanity.

Monday  Rissoles, baked potatoes with green vege

Tuesday  freezer meal with potato and vege

Wednesday  rice tuna and zucchini fritter with salad

Thursday  chicken wraps

Friday  pizza homemade

Saturday  stirfry chicken on noodles

Sunday  leftovers

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Some Organisations are just Plain Generous

Today Hayden came home with a huge bag of goodies given to our family.  It is hard for many people to understand what it is like to care for a medically fragile and challenging person like we do.

So it bought nothing but smiles to our household when Hayden arrived home.  Sadly I was not home where the taxi arrived at our house with him.  He was so excited, I am told, that the bag fell appart as he got out to show his father what he had.

Anyway this will give you an idea of what volume of thoughtful little gifts were sent to us.

So thank you to the charity Emerge.  Your gifts were well appreciated in our house.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday 21 March

I believe that there are no barriers when given the opportunity to learn.  The small part of Haydens brain that is functioning constantly proves that.  Especially as we were told that he might never walk or talk again.  I guess the small amount of brain that is still operational is working overtime.

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It has begun.

Summer is hardly over and the winter sport season is already beginning.  The last two weekend we have spent the Sunday mornings leaning over the wire fence, peering at the water turf that hockey is played on, watching two of my children trialling for hockey teams.

This year is the first time that Hayden has expressed an interest in hockey.  So dutifully I dragged out a pair of well loved hockey socks so he could feel part of the game, even if it is in a small way.  This was only to have me told that we wanted a game too.  I know that he really means this but hockey has a really hard stick and ball that when used inappropriately can do some damage.  I know this for sure as a woman playing social hockey last year had the tip of her finger removed.    Hmmm but lets not go there.  Perhaps that is something more about the skill and fitness of the players on the field at that time, than anything else.

So in honour of the first two Sundays and Thursday evenings spent at the hockey turf here is McKenzie after having put her best effort in.

Monday Menu 19 March

Oh I am busy.  Not the usually everyday busy but the sort that puts behind your life and you spend your time chasing.

Here is my menu

Monday  chicken fillet, baked potato and green vege

Tuesday  Crock pot steak and kidney

Wednesday  Meatloaf and vege

Thursday  frittata with salad

Friday  baked flafel with fatoush

Saturday  creamy tuna pasta bakes

Sunday  Leftovers.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday 14 March

Nothing like just a few little words to tell everybody how we feel.  Well that is according to my 8 year old.

No person photo required, you get the picture.

All smiles are back now just thought you might just like to know.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Our new to us house requires some DIY work.  Naturally all these things require money and then time to get them achieved.  We currently have two projects on the go both keeping us busy currently. 

That is where the ladders come into play as a board or two is needing replacing along the roof line and preferably before winters wet weather arrives in full force.  I know that it just the beginning of autumn here but because summer did not really arrive here this year I am thinking that winter might make a hurried arrival this year and then the window of opportunty to do this outdoor work would be lost.

So out came the ladders (my height phobic husband does not like ladders much) and with a little help and me to fetch and carry anything and everything, a little board replacement has started.

Naturally the paint job will be next summers job.  Something bright and breezy I am thinking.  You know summer cottage in feel.

Monday Menu 12 March

Oh I am late posting this but life has truely got away from me in the last few days.  So without further ado here is my menu for this week.  Not very creative unfortunately my brain is not thinking straight

Monday  Devilled Sausages on rice

Tuesday  Crockpot steak and kidney stew

Wednesday  Chicken Stirfry

Thursday  Chicken cacciatore with mashed potato

Friday  Nachos

Saturday  Mexican Casserole

Sunday Leftovers

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday 7 March

It is Wordless Wednesday again and Andre is out bird spotting for his homework.  He had great fun.  It was a new activity for him and one I think he is going to love having another go at.

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Monday, 5 March 2012


Just sometimes life gets a little ahead of me and I feel a need to just let it all out.  Possibly this is when I get tired or even when I have been the solo parent thing for a while while DH is away for work. 

Anyway here is my inspired thought, well someones quote which said things much better than I could.

The credits for this page can be found here.

Now I need to print this out just to remind myself that things are really not as bad as they might seem just now.  I suppose in the words of one of my wonderful sisters 'There is always someone worse off than you."

Monday Menu 5 March

March is here and officially the weather experts tell us here in New Zealand that we did not have a summer.  I could have told them that without all the university education that I assume they have invested in.   Now it feels like autumn is well and truely here.

So here I am trying to stay in touch with my life by posting my menu.

Monday   spaghetti bolignaise

Tuesday  Chicken, baked potato and vege

Wednesday  Lamb Rogan Josh with salad

Thursday  stirfry chicken on noodles

Friday  tomato and feta frittata with salad

Saturday bacon, pumpkin and feta piza

Sunday   leftovers.

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February in Numbers

Wow what a month it has been.  What with the start of the school year and all extra curricular activities starting I am back running around like taxi driver yet again.

My month looked something like this.

3 children happily started the school year. 

(Mckenzie doing her homework)

4 is the number of after school activities that started up again.  That is speech and drama, golf, athletics and swimming.

7 am is the time McKenzies bus leaves to take her to school making 0545hrs the time we get out of bed to be organised enough

(taken just after my eyes focused at that time of the morning.)

15 is the number of hours that I spent on the go one day.  The few hours left saw my usual interrupted sleep pattern awaiting.

116 is the number of times that Hayden had medication administered through his mckey button.

1 hours is the amount of waiting time we have when I am doing the after noon school run.

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