Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday Menu 27 June

My poor blog has been a little neglected as of late.  What with moving house and living in temporary accommodation I seem to be lacking in time and brain space.  So here I am this week trying to turn over a new leaf and get blogging as it is very theraputic for me.

Here is mondays menu.

Monday  Chicken Fahija

Tuesday  Chicken curry pasta

Wednesday  cheese quesadillas with salasa cruda

Thursday  crockpot chicken cacatorrie

Friday  lamb, barley, and vegetable soup

Saturday  middle eastern pizzas

Sunday  Left overs

I am linking this to I'm an Organising Junkie

Denial is ...

Choosing not to stand on the scales this week when I know that it is the one way I can keep my weight steady and helps me feel really good about myself without being obsessive.

(google image source)

Read this article.  I sooooo know the feeling.

Man Meets Scales

I hope that your week is free from denial moments.