Friday, 1 June 2012

Fabulous Fridays Finds #11

Oh my poor blog has been neglected.  Here I am this week with just a few links I have loved this week.

1.  When I find some time here is my idea of the perfect little project for adding a little quirk to my house.  Little pot planters here I come.

2.  I need to do some baking for the school lunch boxes. I love the idea of browsing My Baking Additions cookie list and recipes.  I have no idea which I will try but they all look too good not to have a go at something.

3.  This month list of ideas of daily photos you could take is now up at Katrina Kennedy's site.  This months printable list is here.

4.  I am the bearer of never ending bad hair days.  Just perhaps I might need to try this idea out I found at More Design Please

5.  I found this little article about Must have apps for your smart phone.  Oh it all could be so adictive.