Friday, 21 August 2009


Yes its another friday and this week has seen much discussion in the media here in NZ about the punishment that some secondary school young me got for fighting during an important rugby game.

This go me thinking about the place of sport in my family and how we value it. So in no particular order...

1. We try and encourage our children to choose a sport that they love playing. At their age hopefully it is a team sport that will instill so values of working as a team.

2. We want our children to understand that when you commit to something, sport in this case, that they must follow it through even if half way through the season their best friend has decided that something else is better.

3. To be gracious is such an important value. To be gracious in winning and in loosing.

4. To always try their best. What more could you want from your children as long as they are doing their best.

5. To have fun. To go out and enjoy the game, the company of the others in their team and to come with a smile.

Just look at this bunch of very keen and enthusiastic hockey (field) girls that my DD plays with.