Friday, 14 October 2011

My Fabulous Little Helpers.

As you might know my 'yard' requires quite a bit of  manual labour to knock it into shape.  The labour force is all home grown so, even though my DH is away, we began on what a fairly major chore at my house. 

You can see from the photo that pile behind the trees, the pile that is taller than my children, it was the focus of our attention today.  We had already moved a pile slightly smaller and easier to manage yesterday.

Eagerly with gumboots on and wheelbarrows at hand we started. 

Two hours of lugging stuff, you know the sort...wooden fence pails, branches, trees, bamboo etc, we had to finish because there were other committments in the afternoon and my helpers and I were getting tired.  I guess we are half way through the stuff that needs moving but another bin will be required to properly finish the job. At least there is a little more lawn that can be created for the children to play on which was one the big incentives for the move.

I am very proud of my childrens effort.  I have promised that tomorrow should be the last of what can be done without another bin.