Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday Menu 17 September

Here is my menu for this week. 

Monday   Easy Fried Rice 

Tuesday  Sweet and sour chicken stir fry with noodles

Wednesday  chickpea and vegetable patties with salsa and a green salad

Thursday  Healthy Nachos

Friday  Indonesian Gado Gado

Saturday  Chinese chicken salad with creamy soy dressing

Sunday  Leftovers. 

I am linking this page to I'm and Organising Junkie

Fridays Fabulous Five # 21

Ok so it is not Friday but I thought that I would post this anyway.

Here are my finds this week.

1. I really love this idea for outdoor decorating especially with the festive season quickly arriving.


2.  Over at eighteen25 blog you will find a month of posts on crafts for Halloween.  Now while we do not do Halloween in our house there are plenty of ideas that can be adapted for parties and Christmas.

3.  There is an interesting read here at The Stones Soup on How to avoid chemicals in your food without spending a fortune.

4.  Just sometimes I am in awe of what people can achieve and this young woman has done incredibly well here in New Zealand.  Phoenix Cosmetics for me is a little inspiration and a little eye candy too.

5.  Finally with the end of the school year only one term away this article was worth another read just to remind me about why I get rid of lots of school stuff at the end of the school year.

Feel free to let me know of any links that you find that are worth looking up.