Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday 30 December

My Wordless Wednesday contribution for this week.

My DD at leisure.

2009 Reflections.

I have been sitting here and reflecting on the year 2009.  It has had it's ups and downs, what with having greater financial freedom and me discovering a way that I can work and still stay sane.  Well that is only because I stepped over the line of sanity and took on too much but now I know my limit.  Catching up with our great friends from Brunei who have immigrated here from the UK was also fabulous and now we are off camping with them.

Hayden's health has been great too.  His white cell cystine count is under 1 ???whatever the measurement is, which is the desired level for Cystinotic patients, no seizures in 2 years, only one unplanned hospital stay and two fabulous people who helps us out at home, Phyllis who does my after school care so I can work and Paul who helps out at dinner and bedtime.  I cant thank them enough as their help keep our sane more ways than one.  Hayden is now more tolerant of the monthly blood taken out of his portacath and that means no screaming, kicking etc each month which I am grateful for.  Kath and the wonderful nurses at Daystay who take Hayden's bloods, so efficient and knowing when it comes to Hayden.

Andre started school and loved it.  Such a bonus when they love school.  He settled in well and that meant I was home alone for the first time since McKenzie was born in 2000.  I did not know myself. 

McKenzie, my wonderful little girl.  My how she is growing up and how proud she makes us.  Diligent and hardworking both at school and in the sporting arena.  The efforts acknowledged with trophies and awards.

Of course it can go without saying that my DH is wonderful.  Without his support I would not have been able to work or be the person I am today.  He is my best friend, my compliment, my sounding board.  He takes the crap from me and pulls me back onto level with I am dreaming way too much.  He is the love of my life which I cant do without.

The low point really came when my great friend Lee was tragically struck by a car while riding her bike and left of dead on the side of the road.  She left behind a husband and young primary school age son.  My thoughts go out to them ever time I think of Brunei where they were living when this happened.

Life always has its ups and downs.  Each year I try and achieve something new or focus on something I think needs attention.  Last year it was all about time management for me.  This year well it is about embracing life and making sure that we live life to its fullest,( in a sane kind of way).

So now I am off to fine tune what that means to me,what I might be able to do about it and how by me doing this my family will benefit too.

Finally as I always say....there is always someone worse off than you.....and if you think that then life can be so much more positive and forward moving.