Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wordless Wednesday 24 April

Photographed yesterday as we were tidying up branches in our paddocks with my little point and snap camera.

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What is it?

 The tree that this fruit comes from was saved and transplanted 18 months ago when we moved into this house. It smells like a citrus and spikes like some lemon and lime trees have. With this knowledge we assumed that it was a lemon / lime tree. This tree has struggled somewhat with its move but this year produced fruit. Surprisingly we have no idea what the fruit is. The fruit is quite lumpy and bumpy. We have not tasted it as we are not even sure if it is safe to do so. We don’t even know if the photo shows the fruit ripe.

 Hmmmm what a mystery we have in our backyard.

I scrapbooked it too.

(credits for this are found here at Nuts4Digi)