Thursday, 4 October 2012

September in Numbers

Boy oh Boy what a busy month.  I am so glad that winter sport in our house is over and we have our weekends back. 

So here are my numbers for September

10 is how old Hayden became this month.  It is somewhat of a miracle considering when he was three he suffered a traumatic medical event from which he was resuscitated.  1 cake was made to share with his friends.

1 tweenage girl in my house was saving her lunch food for a 'science' experiment in her bedroom.  It was accidentally found.  Hmmmm.

3 is the number of fejoa trees we cut down in our small yard.  They were just producing so much poor fruit which then just rotted on the grass it was a problem.  Now we have a rather bare view but time will fix that as the tree line in the background is camillias.

1 experiment with an egg and vinegar was set up for my 8 year old son.  Very successful.  The photo shows the bubbles of the shell disolving as we watched.

Then there is the hockey.  The last 3 saturday games for the season took place.  I am glad my children have fun playing hockey.  3 games out of town for McKenzie and her Auckland Under 13 representative team.  Exhausting but I love how she always come out of the practise sessions (8 in all during September).  Here is Andre making a takle.

Of course the driving for the hockey meant that one out of town game I drove 5 hours return trip to Whangarei with a 2 hour stop to watch the game and back home again.

Spring is officially here and the 6 fruit trees in my yard are all flowering, my lawn is starting to grown and I am wishing that summer would hurry up and arrive.

Then the magic number of 100 arrived.  Yes 100 days until Christmas arrived and sent me into a moment of list making.

This is all for this month.

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