Monday, 26 March 2012

Do you Believe?

So in my house the little make believe things are hung on to longer.  Mainly because of Hayden and his toddler like belief system.  So when Miss 11 years lost her tooth this weekend we had a conversation like this.

Me   So do you need to put your tooth out for the Tooth Fairy?

Miss 11   (a long pause with a large smile on her face)

Me  So do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Miss 11  Ofcourse the tooth fairy brings money.

And with that she rushed off to the kitchen to get the cup to put her tooth in.

The tooth fairy arrived before bed time and of course nothing more was said about the Tooth Fairy being real or not.

Oh yes you will note that Miss 11 is going to need dental work which is supposed to be starting later this year.  She has no fillings but realignment is necessary.

Monday Menu 26 March

Two weeks til the end of the school term here and I can't wait.  Thank goodness for my menu as it is temporarily keeping my sanity.

Monday  Rissoles, baked potatoes with green vege

Tuesday  freezer meal with potato and vege

Wednesday  rice tuna and zucchini fritter with salad

Thursday  chicken wraps

Friday  pizza homemade

Saturday  stirfry chicken on noodles

Sunday  leftovers

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Some Organisations are just Plain Generous

Today Hayden came home with a huge bag of goodies given to our family.  It is hard for many people to understand what it is like to care for a medically fragile and challenging person like we do.

So it bought nothing but smiles to our household when Hayden arrived home.  Sadly I was not home where the taxi arrived at our house with him.  He was so excited, I am told, that the bag fell appart as he got out to show his father what he had.

Anyway this will give you an idea of what volume of thoughtful little gifts were sent to us.

So thank you to the charity Emerge.  Your gifts were well appreciated in our house.