Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I have an Angel

We have had such bad luck in our house.  What with one thing and another but in the last two weeks we have been burgled, the washing machine broke down, the water in the kitchen (with DH help) broke required the mains water to be turned off and a plumber.  What more could really go wrong? 

After sharing of frustration to my seriously great friends on fb who naturally live all around the world.  My lovely friend in Perth, Australia went and bought me a little something to replace what had be taken and couriered it to me.  A courier turned up to my house Monday at 7am with the surprise package.

I have say to my Angel.  You have reminded me what it is like to smile all day and what a wonderful feeeling it is to be grateful.  Grateful not only to have such wonderful friends but for the fact that I am reminded that a small deed of kindness can bring many smiles.

I am seriously going to pass this great deed on.  I don't know where or when but it is going to happen.  I will pay is forward to the right person at the right time.

So if my Angel is reading.  I love you and I hope that someone sometime does something really wonderful for you.