Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November in Numbers

I can't believe that November is now gone and  the end of the year is looming quickly.  Here are my numbers for November.

  • As a family we started Orienteering in the summer series.  It took 3 of us (2 children and me) 37 minutes to complete the first weeks course.
(Credits can be found here at Nuts4Digi)
  • Unusually for me, because of my disabled son, I have worked all but 1 day this month.  It has been hard work as all the things I have to do for my son sometimes get a little out of control but needs must at times.
  • November was a dry and cool month.  We had 50% less rain and we were about 1 degree cooler according to the met service.  I know it is spring but I sure could do with summer arriving quickly.  My clothes line sure could do with a little more use too.
  • Our Christmas tree went up on Thursday 29 November.  Brandt was going to be overseas a lot in the next month so this was the best time to get it up. So 3 children and 2 really tired parents undertook the traditional tree dressing process.
  • The roof began the painting process.  So with 320 sq/m of roof to paint it was water blasted by us, and the painting process began. In my weekends I was helping DH paint and as he does not have weekends like me he was painting while I was at work.  The roof is now about 2/3 painted so I am happy.  Of course I will happier when it is all done. That is the walls and the 150 sq/m of decking.

Well thats it for this month.  I am linking this post to Notes on Paper