Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday 23 October

There is nothing like playing the violin with clean fingers.  I guess that is little boys for you.

I am linking this post up to My Little Drummer Boys.

A Hospital Visit or Two

This year has been full of hospital visits.  Usually one day stays but one for longer.  Hayden has been in hospital to try and clear his port a cath 2 time.  Both with short lived success ending up with facing the reality that he would need surgery to replace it.

(Starship hospital Auckland from the atrium inside)
Starship is the place he usually is admitted to but not always. A day might be anything from keeping Hayden still in one spot while hooked up to a pump putting fluid into his port to clear it.  Or it might mean surgery, in and out in one day.  Maybe a three night stay in hospital with campylobactor.  Yes you read that here.  My son who is mainly feed through his mickey button got food poisoning.  Don't ask me how because he was treated as the primary source.  Hmmm

Anyway this is what hospital can look like for us.

Firstly there is the temper tantrum and feeling sorry for himself.

Art and craft make and do while waiting.  A holiday programme put on in the atrium.  

Spending time to try and unblock the port a cath.

Then there is the reality of being sick.  With Hayden's medical condition being sick is means being hooked up to plenty of IV fluids.  Usually no food and .....

......plenty of blood tests.  Finger prick variety this time as his port was yet to be fixed and he was hooked up to a lure in his foot.

Just maybe there is the ward wall art which has been donated in the specialties ward refurbishment that I got to enjoy while Hayden was feeling sorry for himself and sleeping while sick in bed.

Finally, for those who can enjoy, there is the lovely Auckland skyline that can been see from the 6th level.