Thursday, 10 February 2011

P365 2010 Finally

Finally after much deliberation I have made a front and back cover for my P365 2010 book

Here is the cover page for the front.

The credits for this are stitching, flowers and swirl come from SS 4 kit from Weeds and Wildflowers, ribbon and alpha come from SS 6 kit from Weeds and Wildflowers and finally the wordart from Suddenly Artistic.

The back cover is rather more simplistic.

The credits for this page are the paper from SS 4 kit, word art from SS6, the heart a blog freebie, the stitching and staples from Life 365 Attachit 2 all from Weeds and Wildflowers

A Miracle has happened

As many of you know my son Hayden has a port a cath.  This device sits just under the skin and  that gives hospital staff direct access to his veins for IV fluids and taking blood.

(image sourced from smith medical site as linked above)

Since it was discovered that Hayden has the medical condition Cystinosis it has been and incredible challenge to take the necessary blood from him on a monthly basis.  Not only was/is he needle phobic but his veins are very small and seem to wriggle around everytime the needle came close enough.  Maybe, looking back, it was Hayden wriggling and giggling (and screaming ) as the needle came closer.

A port a cath became necessary about two years ago because he protested so much that we were no longer able to get blood out using a needle and finger pricks were being done.  When 10 mls or more of blood are needed that is not an easy task.

So winding the clock forward, the port a cath is inserted, the nerves quarterised and we are set for painless blood taking and IV moments.  How wrong could I have been.  The needle phobia was still ever present and Hayden was still requiring three adults to hold him still while his veins were accessed.  He protested so much that the Communtiy nurse (she) who was supposed to collect the monthly bloods was nervous everytime she came to see us.  Then it was the case that he knew she was nevous and she knew he was nevous.  The nervous child and adult both became really nervous with the nurse shaking as the needle go closer to Hayden and Hayden protesting even more.  Oh no I am thinking, another solution is required.

Now I take Hayden on a monthly basis to Day Stay at Starship hospital.  This is New Zealands first build hospital for children.  These nurses are very practised at accessing port a caths and while Hayden still protested and required three adults to hold him down blood was alway gathered.

Now that leads us two years on and to today and our miracle.  During the 30 minute drive to Starship I remind Hayden that he is giving the nurses some blood today and it does not hurt.  Today he happily followed the nurses to the room, happily took off his shoes and shirt, sat on the bed and two minutes later the nearly 20 mls of blood was collected and were were on our way home.  Hayden had not protested, not needed any adults to hold him.  It was a miracle.  Long may this miracle moment continue.

Of course this post would be complete without a photo of Hayden showing off his port a cath.