Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday 15 February

I am trying to create a wild flower filled grassy knoll.  I bought some wild flower seeds to test the idea and this is just one of the surprises we got.  I will have to blog about this some more at a later stage.  I have no idea what this flower is but boy it is a great colour against my grass.

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Just sometimes a heart is all it takes

McKenzie thought that she would show how much she loved us but making this and holding it up to us with the sign language of I love you.

I am still smiling about it especially as it was coincidental as we don't really do Valentines Day in house....well not in any really big way.

Monday Menu 13 February

Here is this weeks menu.  A little late but I promise it was written down as I went to the supermarket today.

Monday  steak, baked potato and peas

Tuesday  steak n kidney stew on rice.

Wednesday  cold meat and salad with baked potato

Thursday  baked falafel with salad on rice.

Friday  noodly dinner

Saturday  Of to a dinner party

Sunday  left overs

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