Monday, 5 March 2012


Just sometimes life gets a little ahead of me and I feel a need to just let it all out.  Possibly this is when I get tired or even when I have been the solo parent thing for a while while DH is away for work. 

Anyway here is my inspired thought, well someones quote which said things much better than I could.

The credits for this page can be found here.

Now I need to print this out just to remind myself that things are really not as bad as they might seem just now.  I suppose in the words of one of my wonderful sisters 'There is always someone worse off than you."

Monday Menu 5 March

March is here and officially the weather experts tell us here in New Zealand that we did not have a summer.  I could have told them that without all the university education that I assume they have invested in.   Now it feels like autumn is well and truely here.

So here I am trying to stay in touch with my life by posting my menu.

Monday   spaghetti bolignaise

Tuesday  Chicken, baked potato and vege

Wednesday  Lamb Rogan Josh with salad

Thursday  stirfry chicken on noodles

Friday  tomato and feta frittata with salad

Saturday bacon, pumpkin and feta piza

Sunday   leftovers.

I am lining this menu to I'm an Organising Junkie

February in Numbers

Wow what a month it has been.  What with the start of the school year and all extra curricular activities starting I am back running around like taxi driver yet again.

My month looked something like this.

3 children happily started the school year. 

(Mckenzie doing her homework)

4 is the number of after school activities that started up again.  That is speech and drama, golf, athletics and swimming.

7 am is the time McKenzies bus leaves to take her to school making 0545hrs the time we get out of bed to be organised enough

(taken just after my eyes focused at that time of the morning.)

15 is the number of hours that I spent on the go one day.  The few hours left saw my usual interrupted sleep pattern awaiting.

116 is the number of times that Hayden had medication administered through his mckey button.

1 hours is the amount of waiting time we have when I am doing the after noon school run.

I am linking this to Notes on Paper.