Friday, 8 April 2011

New 2 Me 13 Feijoas

It is the season for feijoas to be in plentiful supply here.  It grows on a tree that does not seem to need any tender loving care, just the perfect sort of tree for me as no matter how hard I try I am not kind on plants.

The feijoa tree produces a prolific volume of fruit.  I seems to fall to the ground as it is perfectly ripe.  We go out each day to gather the picking from the ground.  Perfectly soft to touch and delicous to eat.  The ripe fruit look this colour when cut and ripe.

This year I thought that I would try and do something productive with thsi fruit as it seems like such a waste to let so many good fruit rot.  Jam and relish seem to be something I could give a try.  Here are a few recipes I am considering...

Feijoa Chutney (source NZ Womans Weekly)
Feijoa  Jam (source NZ Womans Weekly)

Hmmm I cant wait to give them a try.