Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday 23 October

Here is my photo for this week.  McKenzie off to a Harry Potter birthday party

Costume and owl made by me.
I am linking this post to My Little Drummer Boys.

Christmas Baking

Each year my children bake a gifts for the older generation in the family group.  This year I thought I would plan ahead what could be make and might make something fun for the school lunch boxes.

  • So the first idea I have is to make a sampler box just like this little bit of eye candy.  Personally I think that I will have the children try and make these kind of cookies as Annabel Langbein makes in this blog post. 
  • Then I thought homemade jam or such like.   I know the children would have great fun squashing fruit and collecting fruit.  With spring here and summer fruit such as strawberries now for sale road side I can't wait to get started on some of these.
  • Then there are the homemade eadible treats.  Truffles, chocolate on a stick, maybe stainglass window cookies.  Really there are so many ideas out there it is hard to know what will work and what wont.
(photo source is Giverslog)
I am sure there must be lots of great recipes out there and when I find more I will update my post.  May you have a great recipes that my family might like could share with me here.