Friday, 27 July 2012

Fridays Fabulous 5 # 15

It has been a couple of weeks since I made this post but here we go for this week.

1.  If you have children studying Planet Earth and Beyond this little link might just come in handy.  The comparison of size between me and the universe

2.  I love this post, Shells around the Home,  from Simple Homemade.  Might just have to get out all those shells we have at home at have a go at something.

3.  Then there is How Stuff Works.  Especially for my very enquiring son.

4.  10 Simple Things to Make You Happy was a good read especially as we are in the middle of winter and simply hanging out for spring to arrive.

5.  If you are up for a simple desert try berries and meringues.  These were very successful.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday 18 July

Our yard is covered in sycamore tree seeds at the moment.  They are just facinating seeds to look at and watch.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Game of Life

Just sometimes my life looks and feels just like this.  This term being full of winter sport, homework and all the other things that children do in between their weekend, breakfast and bedtime.

(links for this page can be found here at Nuts4Digi)

I am simply exhusted thinking about what each day, week, weekend will look like for the next 11 weeks.  So inbetween being a taxi driver, working, more taxi driving, catching up on homework monitor and everything else I can't remember as I type this.

Now just to remember to chill out every now and again.

Monday Menu 16 July

School is back, term 3 has begun, and we are up and running around.  In fact it does not feel like we have had a holiday at all.

Here is my menu for this week

Monday  Beef Caserole (my recipe invented)

Tuesday  Easy stir fry rice

Wednesday  sweet and sour chicken on noodles.

Thursday  korma curry with a green salad

Friday falafel in pita

Saturday  One pot Italian Beef Stew

Sunday Left overs

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In the Kitchen

As my daughter will not do food technology at school, don't ask why it is a long story,  but needless to say I thought that it would be important to a make sure she could not only bake cookies but could make a meal.  I had the idea to start simple and for her to make a meal with me and then move on from there.

So Thursday was going to be the day.  I thought we could take a good look at something simple salad and baked potato and chicken (a change from my menu plan) but my two children decided that they would like to be in the kitchen, baking.  I couldn't smash their idea and so off they went.  I left them to their own devices as recipes had been picked and an action plan formed.

Hmmmm as you can see I think that a little more practise on how to keep the kitchen somewhat tidy as you go might be necessary before the next cooking venture.

As for the cookies, my bakers thought that they tasted great and they were pleased that some cookies were in the tin ready for the start of school.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Fridays Fabulous 5 # 14

This week I thought I would share my favourite smart phone applications.  Since I use an android based phone that framework is what I will focus on.  They are in no particular order but sure are applications I use or have just discovered and can't wait to use more.

Tiny Flashlight.  It is handy for the one off moments when looking for your keys or such like.

Google Sky Map  While this application does not have an everyday use for me my children love it.  They love to look at the stars and our orientation to everything.

Viber is my favourite what to communicate with my husband when he is overseas.  I love the fact that when I am home and hooked up to the wireless we can talk or txt as much as we like.

Instagram is fairly new to me and I have no idea how to get things to my computer or even share with you the photos I have on my account but I do love playing with it and getting a new view on the world.

finally there is Ted Talks.  An application full of inspirational speeches.

Now all I need to find a diary system that works for me.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


What is it about life that sometime makes you just want to shed some tears.  Then just a few tears can help to let it all out. 

The truth be known there are occassions that I sit down and just wish life was a little different and things had not gone as they had gone.  Then of course it can't be helped .....'what if....'  and 'if only....' come to mind as well.

Here is my Art Journaling page which really shows what I am thinking at times.

The credits for this page can be found linked on Tangie Baxters blog where I got a Highlight of the Week mention, oh so exciting.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Menu 9 July

The school holidays are here and I am finally on top of life again.  Sleep is all but caught up and the stress levels have returned to normal

Here is my menu.

Monday  Easy stir fry rice

Tuesday  Falafel Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

Wednesday  tuna rissoles with salad and baked potato

Thursday  chicken skewers with asian vegetables

Friday  chicken, roasted pimpkin, spinnach and feta parcels with salad

Saturday  maccaroni, cheese and broccoli soup with grain bread.

Sunday  Left overs.

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Boys and reading books

I am a primary school teacher.  In New Zealand that means can teach anywhere from the time they start school until Year 8 (after 8 years at school).  It always amazes me that boys tend to have an approach to reading that is different to girls.  I am not saying that they can't read or even that they don't want to read but mearly their enthusiasim towards reading is different than girls.

Now I am not aiming to write an accademic post as I do not claim to be an expert in this area, this is just a collection of my observations as both a teacher and the mother of a son who is a very able reader by not necessarily an enthusiatic reader.

Now back to that fact that I said that boys approach to reading can be and is different to girls.  With this I don't mean that they use different strategies because that is simply not true.  They still need to use their phonic skills, their whole word approach to reading and of course they need to use all the other strategies there are.  For me it seems to be all about the content of the material they are reading that is important.  My son, 8 years old, can't look past the non fiction book.  The book about planes, boats, WWII, and anything along the line of what you might find out when watching Animal Planet on TV.  He was very lucky in his second year at school that his teacher understood this about the boys she had and this is where a keenest to read non fiction started.

It has taken me two years to persuade DS that there are some great books to read if only he stepped over to the other side of the library, to the dim dark (ha ha) world of fiction.  Now I can add to the list of books that like to be read by him are anything in the Tin Tin series.  He has been reading these books for the last 18 months.  In fact they have been read and re read.  Then there are the Dirty Berty stories he reads a little less passionately but still read and finally Captian Underpants.  I have tried many other books but sadly non fiction seems to win out every time.

Finally I read every night to DS just before he goes to bed.  You will never guess what book we are reading ......The Harry Potter series....his choice.

So here are the books on his bedside table.  I wonder what they will be at the end of the year?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Fridays Fabulous 5 # 13

This week I have an eclectic collection of finds for you. 

1.  I might just be tempted to get out my knitting needles and make one of there berets.  Perfect for those days I go to work and my unruley is untameable.

2.  I love these perfect little pouches found on the How about Orange site.  I just might get my sewing machine out.

3.  If you are a New Zealander then you will know a little something about the mighty All Black rugby union team.  Here is a little something they do in their endeavours to get and stay fit.

4.  We have heaps of wood around our house left over from when we dismantled the deck around the pool so I thought we might just have a go at making a boxed garden for my herbs.

5.  Finally these quotes from Dr Seuss I just love.  I feel the need to print them out and hang them on the wall. (PS sorry about the size of the image.  I thought it would be good large so that everyone could read it.)

I wonder if you have some favourite links.  I love for you to link me up.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday 3 July

Here is my son during the school holidays.  We are all really tired in our house and he was just taking a little time for himself.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The holidays list

Here the holidays are short and it is the two week break that lands in winter.  Just after the winter equinox and the weather then decides to turn bad and remember that it is officially winter.  This ofcourse limits our choice of outdoor activities but does not limit the amount of fun we can have.  (Ok the holiday are on day two and I have already done two of these things today)

Orthodontist appointment for McKenzie

Performing Arts Competition for McKenzie

Hospital visit to sort Hayden port a cath

Drop off and pick up Hayden from Residential Respite Care

Make a herb garden for the deck

A movie and popcorn afternoon.

Make friendship braclets with McKenzie

Out on a family picnic (hope the weather sorts itself out)

Go play golf with Andre, ok I will caddy

The egg and vinegar experiement

A hand shadow night.

Out to the movies (I am sure the weather dictate this)

Baking with the children

Those cleaning jobs around the house.

Wardrobe shelving needs to be built

Out exercising me with the children on their bikes



Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Menu 2 July

I missed posting last week.  Just something had to give and it was my blog.  So now it is school holidays and I am feeling like I have time to pick this back up.

So here is my menu for this week

Monday  hamburgers with salad vegetables

Tuesday  chicken tikka masala on rice with salad

Wednesday  baked falafel with tahini

Thursday  tuna corn and cheese sandwich

Friday  ham, corn and pasta pie

Saturday  cold meat and salad

Sunday  leftovers

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June in Numbers

I can't believe how quickly the month of June has gone.  It has been very eventful and exhausting in our house. 

29 June marked the end of the second school term here in New Zealand.  We are all well ready for a holiday, the staycation variety, and can't wait for a chance to let life just happen.

6 days of hockey out of 9 days was the number of days McKenzie played hockey in her endeavour to be selected for Aucklands under 13 girls hockey team and yes she made the team for which she was very excited about.

8 was the number of days McKenzie was then sick after trialling for the hockey team.  I think she had a cold on top of the end of the school term exhaustion and her body put up a protest. 

Last month we had had 7 days of struggling with the insurance company over the car accident we were involved in.  Now I can report that we have continued all of June, 30 days, without my husbands work car.  Still waiting for it come out of the panel beaters shops.  Hmmmmm

1 is the port a cath that is not working.  1 is also the number of dye tests the port a cath had to have to see if it could be fixed before he has to have surgery.Finally 0 is the number of monthly blood test Hayden had because his port a cath was not working.

( Haydens port a cath is there so blood can be accessed and IV fluids can be administered when he is sick)

70,000 litres is the amount of water the water tanks at our house now have.  Yes the two tanks are full to overflowing.  That is because it has been raining in the last couple of weeks and our tanks collect the water so we have water for everyday use at home.

1 day of fishing for Andre who has decided that him and fishing are just the perfect father and son activity.

64 litres is representative of the amount of milk my family uses in one month.  You would think in New Zealand it would be a cheap comodity but sadly not and $280,96 a lot of money really.

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