Thursday, 4 January 2018

My One Little Word

It has been simply ages since I have been blogging but I have decided to find the time to record my thoughts again.   I have been so busy and lost focus on so many things blogging is just one of the things that I loved to do but lost sight of its value to me.

So once again I have chosen to focus on a word for this year.  I have taken a hard look at what I am ready to focus on and find that I am ready to rejoin the world of being Passionate about life.  For me, this will permeate in many different ways.  Life is complex at best in my house and very little time for me to reflect on myself and the ones I love.

So this year is it.  With passion I am going to pay attention to my life.

So here it is.  My mantra for the year.  Here in writing to remind me what it was I was thinking right now January 2018.

(found on Pinterest but the blog it was linked to has disappeared)