Wednesday, 15 July 2009


It has all been drama in our house. DD and DS2 were playing outside with something that was in our inorganic collection. I was an old heater that had wheels. Now it was a dangerous thing to play with as it was not stable, but fun none the less because of the wheels and a bit of imagination FUN is the key word. Now the common sense side of me had to make comment about safety and 'someone will get hurt'.

Hmmm the temptation to play was too great and before too long there was the very loud scream and one DD with a cut about 2cm long and 1cm deep. Blood everywhere. So a trip to our nearest medical centre was made and 1 hour later with 3 stitches and one very sorry and hobbling daughter later. I am not sure whether she is sorry that she didn't heed my gentle warning or for the fact that she was told that she wasn't allowed to play hockey.

One sorry and hobbling daughter just after stitches

So I guess today a lesson just might have been learned in our house the very hard way.

Here are the 3 stitches 2 days later.