Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monday Menu 30 November

Now i know my menu says November but it is full steam ahead into December here and Christmas just around the corner.  More drama in my house this week but that is for my next post tomorrow.

Now to my menu.  It is all about survival for me at the moment.

Monday  Fahija  (as I post this I need to say that is did not happen as I was in at the hospital with DS2)

Tuesday  Chicken and vege.

Wednesday  Crockpot food my recipe.  Filled with leftover vege and meat.

Thursday   Pie, potato and salad.

Friday   Easy meal toasted sandwiches

Saturday  Beef roast with vege to match and salad

Sunday cold meat and salad.

I know my DH will be saying again when it comes to the salad.