Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Menu 30 January

This is the week when the summer holidays draw to an end and school starts up.  Of course I become a taxi driver again along with all the other things that start up again.  So I am really needing my menu planning. 

Monday  Steak, baked potato and lettuce salad

Tuesday  curry chicken pasta salad

Wednesday  beef stirfry on egg noodles

Thursday  five spice roasted chicken leg with rice and vege

Friday  vietnamese shaking beef on a vege salad

Saturday  nachos

Sunday  leftovers

 I am linking this to I'm an Organising Junkie.

Cute Conversation 3


I had never heard of this condition but my delightful 11 year old daughter thought that it was an appropriate reason why she was not outside helping me garden.

My response to her condition was a treatment of sit-and-read-alotic.

So she promptly got to curing her condition.