Friday, 8 January 2010

Fridays Fabulous 5

Here is this weeks installment.  Don't you just love Fridays.

1.  This weeks link is one that really got me thinking.  It comes from the New Zealand Herald, the local newspaper.  The articile Michael Duncan: Binge-drinking the new danger game       has really got me thinking about what that means for our DD 9 years and what kind of risks we can encourage her to take to try and minimalise the risks that seem to prevalent.

2.  I love this advertisement.  It was on TV a few years ago but I cam across it on YouTube.

3.  Shopping on line is fairly new to me.  I have taken to it like a duck on water.  At the moment I am keen on sourcing clothing that fits my daughter without dressing her like a baby as she is small.  All the nickers that she fits are that of a 5 year old with princesses and fairies etc on them.  Nothing seems to fit in New Zealand so the internet has come in handy.  This site has just the thing.  It has small and half sizes, skinny fit and everything bigger.  Things that just suit a 9 year old. By on sale and the cost is very good in our dollar.

4.  Two of my pages won challenges of at Weeds and Wildflowers.  I am so excited.  here they are.

McKenzie's Christmas Thoughts


I dont scrapbook to win or to get lots of comments but there is no doubt that I like the fact that other people like my pages and not just me.

5.  We have formed a plan for a house to move after out house sells.  At least a plan is better than no plan at all.  So check out these sites and just think that one of these, or something like it, will be part of the plan.

Have a fantastic day.