Thursday, 2 February 2012

January's Summary In Numbers

I have thought about how I summarise each month and how to keep it easy and quick to assemble.  So I have discovered Making Notes on Paper and decided to participate in My Month in Numbers.

Here is my inaugural version of this endeavour.  Watch out because I love numbers and how they work so I am sure I will get a more interesting array of numbers to share.

1  is the number of birthdays in our family this month

Andre celebrated his eight birthday and enjoyed every moment of it with his choice of food which included dinner out.

10 is the number of people who went camping. and 6 was the number of children present.

Our really good friends and us went camping at Ohiwa Beach.  We had such a good time with them and can't wait for next year to arrive so we can do this again.

8 is the number of trailer loads of dry wood we moved ready for winter and keeping us warm.

I know we are early but summer is the right time to collect the wood so it doesn't smoke us out when we really need it.

4 is the number of days fishing that were had while we were on holiday.  Apparently the locals favourite spot9 was the most successful day fishing.....catch, look, release.