Thursday, 17 September 2009

Finally I have let the fire go out.

I am a lover of summer and when winter is here my house has to be toasty warm. That means that here in Auckland New Zealand, where it does not snow and we only get a handful of frosts all winter, I still love to have a fire running inside all winter long. Yes, that means all day and night. Luckily we have a fire that does that. The wood we use is free and from a renewable resource.

This year as spring is eagerly arriving early with temperatures that make me think that I need to do something about my summer wardrobe and how ridiculous I am to be so over dressed as I am way tooooooo hot I still have my fire going. Why well my reason is, and I am sticking to it, is that while DH is away with work for nights at a time, and I am busy working, I need my fire to dry my clothes overnight. I am having trouble finding the time to hang them on the line before I leave for work.

Oh yes and I am saving money while not using the drier.