Thursday, 20 May 2010

8 Small Grattitudes

I came across the Maggie Girl web site and she had this wonderful journalling prompt that I could not help but take up as it was just perfect for my thoughts this week.

I know that life sends us many big challenges and plenty of things that are smaller in nature.  Since I was so blessed with my Angel this week it is timely that I note the wonderfully small things to be grateful for.

I am grateful for....

1.  the smell of fresh cut grass on a summers morning
2.  the lovely large trees that grace my front lawn
3.  the little unexpected hugs my children give me
4.  the large handbag I have to carry the important things I have around in
5.  the lovely fresh air I breathe in every morning
6.  the laughter that echoes from my house when harmony reigns
7.  the magical morning moments that I get with each child as they get up in the morning
8.  help when my husband is home so I am not a solo taxi driver