Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday 11 February

Nothing like summer in my house.

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Just look inside

With February being the month of things from the heart I thought that it would be timely to consider what it is deep inside me that I love. 

There is no way around it that most if not all, people have things they love that have never emerged to reach the light of day.  I am no exception. I love the fact though that the most important things that I love are out there for that matter to family.

But seriously it vital that I love myself first and foremost.  Without that nothing else really matters....well in my opinion.  I am at a point where, but I guess I have always known it, that I have to put myself first in the list of things I love.  As part of my life make over I more deeply realise that if I don't love myself then it is difficult to be a happy place.

So loving myself now looks like this:

  • make sure I exercise as it, by default, gives me time for myself.
  • eat a balanced diet and don't deny myself the treats.  They are part of the balance.
  • laugh......everyday.   I am sure it shares all those happy endorphins and it is contagious.  Finally I am sure that I have read somewhere laughing helps keep the face well toned and in my steadily advancing years that is important.
  • dream and be inspired to fill my life with things that I love.
 With that I leave you a quote to think about for today.

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Monday Menu 10 February

Another school week is underway and all the after school activities for my children has begun.  Some are even first thing in the morning.  So I am still trying to remember what I do for my meals when I am out and about being taxi driver.

Monday  spaghetti bolognese

Tuesday   leftover meat from monday with salad and baked potato.

Wednesday  chicken capsicum red onion and mango chutney wraps (my own recipe)

Thursday   Vegetarian quesadillas

Friday  home made hamburgers 

Saturday  kung pao chicken zoodles

Sunday  leftovers

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Fridays Fabulous Finds #67

I have plenty of links just waiting to be shared.  So there is no time to be wasted so lets get straight on to the links.

 Here is my effort at a different type of self portrait.  I am with my daughter

  • My favourite  recipe find from last week.  The meatloaf is so easy to make and loved by everyone in my house.
  • Just for that moment when you are without power like we were in December 2014, for 24 hours then here are some tips for surviving just such a moment.
  • Finally a lesson on how to strum your guitar the Bo Diddle way.
I can't wait to be linked up to any of your favorite links.

My Mojo

I am on a mission to look after my mojo.  Yes you know, that special little something that really keeps you well motivated and on top if everything in a fabulous way.  When everything working just as if magic was involved.

So here is magic mojo finder recipe.  It took a while to work but still did at the end of the day.

 A recipe to find your mojo

Take a portion of each component and generously apply it to 
  • smile and make the others in my house smile as they walk by me.
  • take a little time for myself (go for an hour long walk) just to get a little head space for myself.
  • laugh....a lot.  It is amazing what a difference it makes
and if all that does very little to help then

  • take a 20 minute nap.   You will be surprise how much better one feels after a nap.
 and finally never forget

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday 4 February

I am back to my blog finally.  I still have no idea how to get my computer to let me comment on blogger (so anyone who can help please......) but here is my first photo for the year.  It is from January.

Just another daughter and me.

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I wonder........

I wonder why it is that some people...(yes I am talking about myself) are emotional eaters.   I know that stress rules my life in may ways.  Being the primary carer for a highly dependent, significantly impaired both behaviorally and cognitively child is not easy.  In fact it is fair to say that this is the primary source of my stress.  The stress not only impacts on me, but the relationships in my family and the happiness that many families experience due to the freer lives they have.

I know that my weight represents how I am looking after myself and how I feel about myself.  It possibly could be called carers fatigue.

So when my weight (I guessed what it was because I could not fit the largest clothes in my cupboard) hit an all time high, and after some months of denial, I did something very proactive about it.  I went back to Weight watches and stood on the scales.  Oh my gosh.

Anyway that does bring me back to me wonder why it is some people are stress eaters.  Maybe it is all tied back to the whole comfort eating thing.  Or perhaps it is just plain not eating a balanced diet.  Then of course there is the whole thing about exercise.....or lack of it as in my case.  For me it is sure all of the above.

I hope know  I have learned to deal with my stress eating.....cope with my sweet tooth and have promised myself to exercise and am walking for an hour 5 times a week and doing pilates at home through a programme I found on is free too.  There are now simply no excises not to exercise even if I have to push my disabled son in his buggy which makes it much harder.

I am at the stage of trying to keep my self exactly where I am.  I am happy with how fit I am, how I feel about myself and that I can participate in life without being constantly tired.  In the next month I plan on keeping life at this point of equilibrium even as the school year kicks in and the out of school activities all start up.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Monday Menu 2 February 2015

Back into the routine of planning my meals.  I know that I have been busy but this is a life one life saver I must get back into. It is very muggy and hot here at the moment and my meals reflect that.

I have just lost 15kgs so am trying to be careful with the type of food I prepare for my family as well as myself.

So without delay here is my menu for the week.

Monday  Cold chicken meat with green garden salad and baked potato

Tuesday  mango and chilli chutney with grilled capsicum, grilled chicken breast in a wholemeal wrap.

Wednesday  Meatloaf and garden salad

Thursday  Chinese pork mince stirfry

Friday   Homemade pizza base  made with a topping of salsa, capsicum, feta cheese and  fresh basil.

Saturday    meatballs and salad (my own recipe)

Sunday   leftovers

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Numbers for January 2015

It has been some time since I have blogged and now I have sorted myself out I have decided to get back to blogging and start with my number for the month of January.  It has been a month of holidays in my part of the world so the numbers are way different to any other time of the year.

  • January was the month were we spent two weeks camping by the beach (yes that is my knee)
 (my layouts credits can be found in a gallery here)
  • My husband and I spend 2 weeks with an airbed that had a hole in it and slept on a bit of foam on the hard and lumpy ground.
  • My family spend every night playing board games.
  • My 14 year old daughter spend 12 nights and days without access to wifi.
  • My 10 year old became 11 years old thus marking the start of something new in my house were I have 2 children at college, 1 at a special education school.  
  • I lost 5.1 kg in January thus completing stage 1 (yes I have lost 15kgs in total) in my 'looking after myself' life changing story.
  • Petrol in my house now costs us approxametly 30 cents less a fill because the price of pertrol has dropped so much.
  • My 3 children and I painted 190 m2 of deck yet again.
  • I read 3 books while I was camping.
  • I have walk for at least 1 hour 5 times a week every week of January.
  •  1 child started his new school and has spent 3 days loving it.
  • 1 child went for one day and came home ready for the weekend
  • 1 child is yet to start.
  • I had to buy 4 new pairs of shoes (ouch my poor wallet.)
 Well I think that is sure enough when it comes to numbers from me for the month.

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