Friday, 7 August 2009

Is spring really here?

It is only the beginning of August and officially the last month of winter here in New Zealand. Winter seemed to have started quite early this year as we have had our fire on since early May so trust me I am not complaining.

Today at work and felt almost over dressed for the weather. My coat actually came off, classrooms in New Zealand schools are not usually heated to the degree that I feel comfortable in, and I almost removed the candy pink cardigan I was wearing. Pink I hear you questioning me. Well not my favourite colour but where price is really important and you have a lot of black and white in your wardrobe you buy.

Now I wait in eager anticipation for the spring to arrive. The time when I can let the fire go out for the last time this year, the time when the fire dust will be finally gone from the house, when I don't need to go out of the house wearing more layers than is healthy for me, and come home carrying most of them. Of course I cant wait for the smells of spring to greet me in the mornings.

The daffodils have arrived and the first of the baby animals can be seen, the grass has finally decided to grow. Yay just need warmer nights and more heat in the sun and longer warmer days that spring and eventually bring.

But I remain cautiously optimistic because I know the last of the winters wild weather is still to arrive and that I will once again be freezing (well for me) to the bone.