Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Managing the Stress

Just sometime in life you need to take a huge step back and look at yourself.  No one else but yourself.  When you do that the windows will open and you will see everything for what it is warts and all.

For me that moment happened 18 months ago when I took a breath and decided it was time to look after myself.  A great first step ....acknowledge where you are at and what the first step is.

So internal happiness  .....  you know happy with yourself and that started with working out (yet again) how to manage the stress in my life.  So I yet again started walking the roads.  When I finally made a habit of walking ...no excuses ....I understood that walking was not only about being fit but clearing my brain and giving me the much needed me space.   Sometimes that means walking the rural roads where I live, up and down the hills while pushing my disabled son in his buggy.  All 40 something kgs worth.

So no excuses  The benefits were far greater than I ever remembered and all this time latter I am still working at managing my stress.

Next time I will write about how I manage when I am working and cant fit my walk in.