Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday 5 May

Weekend Fun

Mum's Taxi

Thats me....Mum's taxi service.  When my husband is away I am it for everything.  Now that winter is here the winter sports kick in along side the Speech and Drama, violin and swimming.  Naturally where one child needs to be the other two need to come as well and dinner needs to be well planned and even pre cooked so we can eat and run.

Today then is the list of must haves in the car when the taxi service is in action.

Ready charged DVD player

This is primarily for Hayden as we can't get out of the car in evening.  It is just too much stimulation for him and he gets out of control.  I have found that if we sit in the car with his favourite DVD then calm reigns ....well mostly reigns.  Of course this means we get to listen to Elmo or Hi5 or even Barney for the 1000th time. (He is stuck in a time warp.)

Homework Box

This is a must.   It has the essentials such as colouring in pencils, writing pencil, blue and red pen, a ruler, spare paper and a dictionary.  Then all the individual, whose homework it is, just has to bring the things they need to complete.  You know like the spelling list and newspaper article.


This usuallly includes dried fruit and a homemake cookie.

Sense of Humour

The final must have is a sense of humor.  I started with McKenzie a thing I called The Days Funny Moment.   Here she comes and shares with me her favourite joke or two for the day.  This can be a time to relax and laugh just for the sake of it.  I even found a couple of little joke books as a resource and it seems that many a spare moment is spent reading it for the days funny moment. 

Hayden and Barney in the car waiting with me.