Tuesday, 28 January 2014

There are those that give of their time.....

It is amazing in the disability sector how there are people who freely give up their time to do something that makes others smile. 

Just that happened in early December for us.  The opportunity to get a professional photographer give up some time to take photographs of children who go to Wilson Home for respite care.

Hayden loves going there for a 'holiday' and the staff love having him stay.

Of course Hayden is incredibly difficult to persuade to sit still and have a photo taken at the best of times so we happily took up the offer, not having any expectation for a photographic outcome.

Well today I got some photos and I love them.  They are not perfect but they capture Hayden as he is expressions, Barney and all.

Take a look.

First the Hayden smiling photo.  I am sure this would have taken ages to get.

Then there is this 'what are you doing?' photo. 

and finally, my personal favourite the 'I won't do what you want me to' photo with Barney his favourite.

So to the photographer that I don't know.  Thank you for giving up you time to photography Hayden.  Thank you for being patient enough to capture all those everyday emotions that we see everyday.  I love the photos.