Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fit and Healthy

Being a fit and healthy weight is really important for me.  It shows me I value mind, my body and my soul (well I hope that is helped too).  Without these things then the rest of my life struggles.

This year I managed to start the year at an idea weight for me.  I was working really hard on my fitness through the couch to 5 km programme and even managed 3 christmas days, yes I know 2 too many, and 12 days camping to this day working on a maintenance plan.

I hope that I am setting a great example for my children about eating well not binging or the other extreme of not eating.  Eating a balance of food including treats ocassionally.  Showing my children that exercise is important.  It makes me happier, it makes me more positive about life and ...oh....yes I feel less stressed.

So fingers crossed for the year that I can maintain where I am at.  I can climb back up if I fall off the path I am on.  That I acquire no injuries to prevent me exercising and I continue to love everything I have achieved.