Friday, 30 April 2010

This I know

I felt very inspired today to write this to my son.  I know that because of everything that has and does happen to Hayden, Andre sometimes feels lost.


I know that at 2 years old, our lives were for ever more changed. I feel that this has made you angry with the world at times. But these things I do know.

I love you unconditionally and always will.
You have an infectious laugh I love to hear.
You are generous in heart.
At the moment you are trying hard to find where you fit in the world.
You are great friends with your brother, no matter how different he is.
You love lego and designing things.
You give the biggest and most heart felt hugs.
You are crying inside for attention.

Son I know these things. I cant change the past but I want you to never forget I love you.


Then I created this page

This page has the blogs journalling on it.  The credits can be found here at Digichick.